Organo Gold Scam Review

An ORGANO GOLD REVIEW  From Someone Who Thought He’d NEVER Join…

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I’ve been hesitating to write this review for the last week or two, because of the controversy and pain of dealing with all of the comments that reviews of this nature create. However, just because of certain things that I said over the last couple of months, I find that it would be useful to bring out in the open a discussion of ‘Organo Gold‘ from the perspective of someone who not only thought he’d never join, but was an open critic of the company.

I was so much a critic, heck, my friend and former business partner called me a year ago and told me about the business and I said “Hell No”. Now he’s making millions of dollars per year and i’m outside the window looking in…..

So I suggest you keep reading, at least I would. I just learned a million dollar lesson……

Organo Gold Is An Interesting Animal:

It’s actually funny to watch the emotional, silly reactions that both myself, and hundreds of other people have had to this company. Organo Gold seems to spark more controversy, critics, and on the flip side – fanatical promoters than any MLM company that has emerged either on or off the internet for the last 20 or 30 years.

In fact, when I first became aware of the company, I thought it was the stupidest thing that I had ever seen. I told people not to join it, told people I didn’t think it would last, and here’s the funny thing…

…I gave people a million and one reasons why they shouldn’t join – as if I knew something about the industry and was some kind of coffee expert.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes the responsibility of a leader in this industry, and also a leader in life is to be willing to step down and admit that he is wrong. The fact is, as a leader in this industry, I should have never, ever criticized a company that I knew so little about – however, I wanted to take some time to address some of the specific criticism that I brought out, AND that has been raised by others.

“So Why The Heck Does Organo Gold Attract So Much Criticism?”

The first thing that I would like to address is why Organo Gold creates such dramatic criticism in the first place, something that if you’ve found your way to this review, you’ve probably noticed. In fact, never in the last 8 years in this industry have I ever seen a company that creates such massive controversy. I recently found out that hundreds of industry leaders privately thought that my last company wouldn’t last – but for some reason no one criticized it, until………. we started making money.

The reality is – people criticize what they don’t understand and they are afraid of. Why would someone be afraid of Organo Gold? Because it’s growing so fast that people from all kinds of NETWORK MARKETING companies are both joining, and taking their downline with them. Before joining Organo Gold, I got 5-10 phone calls a week for a month straight asking my opinion on Organo Gold. I know people whose volumes are dropping and reps are leaving their business and going over to Organo Gold at least every 3 days. I promise you, that the reason people, ESPECIALLY who know absolutely nothing about the company (which is most of them), are simply afraid that their downline is going to leave, and for good reasons.

One of the funniest things about network marketers who take a look at Organo Gold the questions that they ask that they never bring up about any other company in the industry.

For example, I was talking to a distributor in a juice company last week who said ” I would never buy HEALTHY COFFEE“, and at the same time they were drinking coffee and both selling and buying a couple hundred dollars worth of juice per month – amounting to a grand total of about two gallons of product.

Now, I would never criticize a juice company, and I buy some of those products myself – but does that even make sense as a distributor in this industry? From a consumer perspective, it’s a valid question – but if you’re in network marketing, don’t be crazy. When I was in my last company, I was spending $250 per month on an auto-ship for about the same amount of vitamins that I could get at my local health food store for $50. Now, they may have been BETTER vitamins – but let’s stop being hypocrites, ok?

The amount of people on the internet that have never made a dime in network marketing that all of the sudden claim to be ‘HOME BASED BUSINESS experts is astounding. Did you know that no-one ever made a statue to celebrate the accomplishments of someone who wasted their day criticizing things they don’t understand?

So what about the actual value of the product? The ‘value’ of a product is what someone is willing on a large scale to pay for it – it’s a simple phenomenon of supply and demand. The reality that I didn’t want to admit when I took a look at the company – because I was never a COFFEE DRINKER – is that the “Coffee” niche itself will be 1 trillion dollar worldwide market by the end of 2012. There are more than 1 billion cups of coffee consumed daily on planet earth so there are 1 billion people who are more than happy to pay for it.

There was a guy in my old team (no-mentioning names here, because he’s a cool guy) who went off on me yesterday about how it’s ‘unethical‘ to sell coffee and he could never do it because of his fantastic ‘ethics‘. Well, it just so happens that this guy has also never made more than maybe $100 a month in network marketing, and in five months sponsored a grand total of one distributor, and every single other person that he had in his team – I personally put there, for a grand total of about 15 people. Now, I LIKE this guy – he’s cool, and I do believe he can and will succeed in this industry (or I wouldn’t have put people in his team), but don’t give me bull-crap.

If you’re going to claim to have some kind of superior ‘ethics’ – don’t talk to me about it until you have some results to show. My ethical friend there is now selling water for $50 a case. (***As a note – I love the water deal, and will probably buy some – and I’m not talking about my friend John, who is a great leader who I believe will eventually make a million a year in this industry and who HAS sponsored a LOT of people – I’m just pointing out a general inconsistency that is created out of fear of failure). If you’re going to claim ‘ethics’ don’t pretend you’re a leader if you have never made $300 a month in network marketing.

One of my biggest hang ups when I first looked at Organo Gold was that I just couldn’t figure out why someone who does’nt drink coffee would join a coffee business. You see I was looking at it through the eyes of a consumer– and the fact is, that I had never even watched an entire business presentation from the company and I had no idea what the word “GANODERMA LUCIDUM” meant.

Funny enough, when I finally did, I noticed that not just once, but at least three times throughout the course of the presentation, I was really looking at something I never thought would occur in my lifetime, “The Ultimate Timing Of A Paradigm Shift”.

See, once I actually saw the presentation, I got it right away – because I’ve been looking for something to give me an unfair advantage to capitalize on not one but five billion dollar industries.

Health & Wellness, Weight Loss, Home Based Business, Internet & finally the Coffee Industry. To be able to join a business opportunity that was at the begining stages of 5 multi-billion dollar industries really shocked me because its never been possible…

In fact, when I looked into the company – I thought that it was just another me-too company. Wow, was I wrong, this is a LEGITIMATE product that people are already spending money on – at competitive market prices – which is not just different from what you have seen – it is an entirely different kind of industry from anything that has hit the Network Marketing model in the last 120+ years of its existence.

My Final Thoughts:

The reality is, even though people aren’t willing to admit the simple truth – Organo Gold is growing like a wild, uncontrollable fire. In this, or any other profit driven industry – you can either get involved with an idea that is moving on it’s own, or you can do what I tried to do in my last venture – which is to FORCE an idea that nobody gets into the minds of the mass populace.

That’s hard – and it doesn’t work for the average person.

Organo Gold is freakin HOT. It’s moving. It’s easy for the average person to explain – COMMISSIONS can be generated quickly if you’re producing, and let’s face it…

…getting checks in the mail every month is just cool. It’s almost like we have an extra paycheck once per month… We get paid weekly through all of our ways of earning – and monthly on an autoship of HEALTHY COFFEE.

If you’re on the fence, contact me and find out how you can lock in a spot. Timing in this, and in life, is critical. I’ll look forward to working with you.

-Gilbert Granillo
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